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Law Society Statement on Taxation of Practising Certifcates

Mike O'Reillys Legal Search has been moved to his own site due to traffic. You can now access it here. Please tell your colleagues about it and let Mike have any feedback you may have.

The Consolidated Solicitors Accounts Regulations (This is a large Word Document.  It is a consolidation of the Rules from 2001 to 2005.  It was prepared for the Law Society by Mike O'Reilly in April 2010)

(Note the Accounts Regulations (above) reproduce S66 of the 1954 Act which deals with Accounts and is the fundamental Law in relation to Accounts and S72 of the 1994 Act which deals with Interest.  It also includes S68 of the Solictors Act 1994 which deals with charges to clients.  )

The Solicitors Interest Regulations

(Note the Interest Regulations (above) reproduce S72 of the 1994 Act which deals with Interest. It is included in the Consolidation above.)

The Solicitors CPD Regulations

The Solicitors Apprenticship Regulations

The Solicitors (Professional Practice, Conduct and Discipline -Secured Loan Transaction) Regulations 2009

Solicitor Client and Party/Party Costs

When to start balancing your Client Account

VAT on Bills and Outlays

VAT in General - 2008 Revenue Guide

Most recent (2009) JLC regulation concerning payments to and conditions of employees in Solicitors offices.

Starting in Practice FAQ

Retaining and destroying completed files

Ceasing to Practice   This link has been disabled.  Please contact the Webmaster for information on this topic.

Mike's Stamp Duty Penalty Calculator (No liability accrues to the Institute or Mike from the use of this calculator)

John Hogan's notes on Cost Reductions and Staying profitable in a Recession.. (Delivered at the AGM of the Institute January 2009)

Pat O'Donohoe's Model for Cash flow.

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