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The Institute was founded in 1986 by several individuals with the support of their Firms and the Law Society. Originally known in the late 1980’s as The Solicitors Financial Controllers’ Association, It was incorporated in 1991.

The signatories to the memorandum were:

  • Sean O’Mahoney
  • Maeve O’Reilly
  • Terry Fagan
  • Seamus Twomey
  • Bart Mooney
  • PJ Connolly
  • Austin Gavin
  • Gladys Doyle was the first Secretary.

    Tom Meehan and Sean O’Mahoney were the first directors.

    Much credit also needs to be given to The Law Society, Nolan Farrell Goff, Ronan Daly Jermyn and Mason Hayes Curran who financially supported the Institute in the early years as well as those who represented those organisations as Founder Members.

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